2022 MTA Non-Equity Generals Company Info Sheet
Information will be updated as needed

Descriptions listed as:
Name of Company
Representatives Present
Type of Work

Cabaret MKE
Artistic Director Josh Bryan


Original, entertaining theatre inspired by our local history.

One month of rehearsals (1-3 nights a week) & 6 performance nights, Pay based on ticket sales & # of rehearsal days, $100-500

The Constructivists
Artistic Director Jaimelyn Gray, Casting Associate Maya Danks


The Constructivists are committed to creating viscerally driven theatre, exposing and exploring the complexity of human nature and the perils it creates in an effort to challenge, enlighten, educate, and entertain a diverse mature audience. We believe theatre is a public good, and passionate theatre is the necessary catalyst for change.

Contemporary, Dark comedy, Dramedy

Our rehearsal periods are generally 20hrs/week for 6 weeks total. 3 weeks of tech and performances.

Currently a $150 stipend, and we understand our stipends are incredibly inadequate. We hope the experience of working with the professional artists in the company provide training and and an experience to supplement that remuneration. We have a mission to provide a living wage within 5 years. We also use the Milwaukee Theatre Standards as a guide to provide a safe, healthy, and dignified environment.

First Stage
Casting Associates J.T. Backes and Samantha Montgomery


At First Stage, we believe in providing a platform for creating shared experiences that will uplift artists of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds. First Stage recognizes the history of systemic racism present in our industry, acknowledges that we have been party to these oppressive systems in the past, and is committed to continuing our journey in becoming an anti-racist and fully inclusive organization. Going forward, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice (EDIJ) work will hold a place of priority throughout the entire organization – supporting the following values:

We believe in a lifetime commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, justice, and anti-racism and in making space for and prioritizing all marginalized voices.

We believe in shifting our current practices to deeply diversify our board, staff, artists, partnerships, productions, programs, and teams. We believe that collaboration of diverse voices in our organizational discussions creates more successful, meaningful work and that diverse voices across First Stage’s community should carry weight in all levels of decision making.

We believe in being good stewards of First Stage’s resources and in using our funding to further equitable practices.

We believe that continually investing in an authentic, healthy, and lasting relationship with Milwaukee’s diverse community will spark collaborative action towards creating a socially just society in Milwaukee and beyond.

First Stage Mission

First Stage touches hearts, engages minds, and transforms lives by creating extraordinary theater experiences for young people and families through:

Professional Theater Productions that inspire, enlighten, and entertain

Unparalleled Theater Academy training that fosters life skills through stage skills

Dynamic Theater in Education programs that promote active learning in our schools and community

First Stage Vision

First Stage strives to be the national leader and driving force behind the creation of the best and most innovative plays for family audiences, theater training programs for young people, and education initiatives for our schools and our community. These three interwoven programming pillars are accessible to, and reflective of, our increasingly diverse community. Through our exceptional leadership, dedicated team, and commitment to financial sustainability, First Stage will broaden the reach and impact of our transformational programs, thus enabling dreams to be fulfilled, hope to be fostered, and families to enjoy the lasting legacy of a profound shared experience.

Musicals, Contemporary, Theater for Young Audiences and their Families

Our rehearsals schedule is typically 5 weeks, Wednesday through Sunday. W-F 12:30-3 (when needed) , 4-8:30. Sat. 12:30-4, 5-8:30. Sunday 10-1:30, 2:30-6. Our productions typically run for 3-4 weeks with daytime performances W-F and Matinees at 1 and 3:30 on the weekends. We offer both Equity and non-Equity contracts with pay ranging from $500-$700 per week. In our commit to representing the young person's point of view, we practice age-appropriate casting at First Stage, so adult professional actors work alongside young people. Casting for our adult roles for the season will be completed by Sept. 1, but we will be seeking understudies for each show for the upcoming season. These are paid positions. Rehearsals are Wed-Friday in evenings (you can come 1 or 2 times, flexible if you have another job) and weekends as well.
The pay is $150/week for all rehearsal and performance weeks for. Once the show opens, we ask that you see the show once a week, and should an actor need to be out, be ready to rehearse and perform.

Forte Theatre Company

Artistic Director Randall Dodge



7p to 10p weeknights 12p to 5p Saturdays
Pay is available range is $200 to $500 stipend

Kids From Wisconsin

Development Director Peggy Strimple

To seek out Wisconsin's most talented youth (15-20 year olds), and seeking teaching artists all year


Pay Varies

Lemonade Theatre Productions

Artistic Director Audwin Short


Lemonade has plans in the works to do a Comedy and eventually a show involving an Orchestra. They love to create a fun, stress-free environment to create the best performances.

Classical, Contemporary, Experimental

2 month commitment, pay is negotiable.

Milwaukee Opera Theatre
Casting Associate Danny Brylow


Creating dynamic, singer-centered art; exploring the beauty of the human voice; sparking the imagination of both audiences and artists; and transforming the bountiful landscape of classic and contemporary lyric theatre.” We consider ourselves Milwaukee’s Microbrewery for Opera, proudly producing small batches of high quality, local, lyric theatre. We tell stories through music...unconventionally.

Musicals, Opera, Experimental


Next Act Theatre
Casting Associate AJ Magoon

Next Act Theatre engages the hearts and minds of audiences with intimate, compelling productions intended to stimulate thought, foster the exchange of ideas and promote the development of new perspectives and understanding.


Average contract length: 7 weeks. Pay range $550-$650 per week.

Pink Umbrella Theater Company
Executive Director Katie Cummings

To amplify the variety of voices of Disabled Actors and Artists. Their hiring focus is on individuals who identify as Disabled and/or BIPOC.

Musicals, Contemporary

5 weeks - $100/week. Rehearsal 2 hours per day (M-Th)

Placeholder Players
Artistic Director Mary Seigel

Placeholder Players is a brand new company with the goal of creating a space for early career theatre professionals in the Milwaukee area to hone their artistry, create projects they are passionate about, and offer opportunities that are accessible to all. Placeholder had their unofficial first production in July: Heathers in Concert. and have yet to announce an upcoming project, but the next thing on the horizon is another concert musical in the same vein as Heathers.

Musicals, Contemporary

The time commitment is short with an expected 1-2 weeks of rehearsals. A stipend will hopefully be available for the coming productions.

Summit Players Theatre
Executive Director AJ Magoon, Education Director Caroline Norton


Summit Players Theatre's mission is to share empowering theatre experiences with children and communities throughout Wisconsin, regardless of income or background.


Contracts are generally 15 weeks between early May and late August. Rehearsals happen from early May to mid-June and are generally six days a week, roughly 28 hours per week total. The performance schedule includes touring Wisconsin state parks on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in June, July and August. The company provides transportation and lodging. Some Thursday brush-up rehearsals are required. 13 of the 15 weeks are paid, with two unpaid break weekends with no shows. Summit Players Theatre offers high-energy, accessible, family friendly, free Shakespeare plays in the Wisconsin state parks. Some camping is involved. Each performance is accompanied by an educational workshop, and actors will also need to serve as teaching artists. Educational curriculum is taught to actors as part of the rehearsal process.
Pay starts at $500 per week.

Amanda J. Hull

MTA/Independent Artist


Classical, Musicals, Contemporary

Pay varies depending on the company