Who We Are

"The Milwaukee Theatre Alliance is about strength in numbers. Those of us who love theater wish everyone would love theater. We believe in the power of theater to impact society in a positive way, to offer a community for lost souls and to provide the empathy the world so sorely needs. And we want more of Milwaukee to experience what we already know. By combining the strengths of the full range of hardworking Milwaukee theaters, the MTA hopes to advocate the art of theater and its benefits to more new patrons than ever before, while building a better support system for the theater community on the whole."
- Jaimelyn Gray, Founder

Theater Companies Involved

"I recall sitting in awe of those other groups at the first few meetings. The ideas were flowing, no idea was too small or invaluable, and the willingness to be there and be advocates for theater, making great theater and working together to do so was inspirational. Everyone brought something valuable to the room: knowledge, experience, ideas, strengths and resources that others may not have had. The desire to shape theater in Milwaukee to be more conducive to its needs was there, and it was powerful. It was electrifying."
- Kira Renkas, Founder

If you would like to know more about joining the MTA, email members@mketa.org

MTA Individual Artist Members

The Milwaukee Theatre Alliance Individual Artist Membership is a program to incorporate individual Milwaukee area Artist voices into the MTA, and also amplify those artists and their projects to the community.

MTA Individual Artists:
Maya Danks, John Dunleavy, Rebekah Farr, Jaimelyn Gray, Kennita Hickman, Amanda J. Hull, Kimberly Laberge, Nicole McCarty, Katie Merriman, Jim Neuner, Alan Piotrowicz, Nate Press, Mary Seigel, Kellie Wambold, and Max Williamson

MTA Board:
President – Jaimelyn Gray (president@mketa.org)
Jim Neuner (treasurer@mketa.org)
Secretary - Reva Fox
Voting Members –
Josh Bryan, Kennita Hickman, Amanda J. Hull, Michael Unger

Supporting Organizations